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The Pentagon has finished investigating itself, and it finds itself…. not guilty!!! Yayyy!! What a triumph of democracy and accountability. [/sarcasm]

Let’s have Congressman Curt Weldon talk about that:


These cops apparently don’t want this guy to fill out a form. He tries to get the form but is told to wait for a supervisor. Then the cops slam his head against the plexiglass as they arrest him for refusing to bug off. As the video makes clear, the cops violated their own regulations concerning the distribution of said form.

The town in question? The ironically-named Independence, Missouri. Glad I don’t live there.

Support Justice! Fuck police brutality! For more information, visit

Amazing solo-acoustic cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya

It’s an awesome cover. Check it out:

Andre 3000 just shit his pants.

Dude’s name is Mat Weddle. He’s in a band called Obadiah Parker. I hope to see Mat and Andre 3000 perform this song together on stage. What say we try to arrange that via the power of the internet?

Awesome Flash flick: Animator vs Animation

This guy has been using Flash way too long:

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

Check out this YouTube video (crank the sound, especially when the police captain (John Brooks) is speaking to his “troops”):

This is some really sick shit. You call this America? George Orwell’s America, maybe. George Bush’s Amerika, definitely.

You know, the lady who was shot was carrying a sign saying “FEAR Totalitarianism.” The cops proved her point when they shot her while her back was turned. Then they shot her again while she was cowering behind the sign.

Thanks for making it clear, Miami PD: We do live in a totalitarian state. In fact, we live in a terrorist state. Just think if the protestors started shooting rubber bullets back at the cops. The cops would call the protestors terrorists, right? So, if the protestors tactics are terrorism, then it follows logically that the cops are terrorists as well, using their own definition.

Based on the captain’s pep speech, the cops considered it a battle, even though “the other side” never fought back or used weapons. This is nothing more or less than fascism in action. It’s shameful. Cops are supposed to protect us, not oppress us! The cops are the ones subscribing to an “us versus them” ideology. Certainly their actions will inspire that same ideology in the protestors who witnessed the cops indiscretions. Terrorism begets terrorism.

His name is Peter. Somehow, his videos have caught on and his popularity has shot up to the level that Reuters is now covering his ascent to internet fame.

I’ll post one of his videos below. He shows off his video editing skills, along with his love of motorcycles and the blues. He begins a series of videos that tell the story of his life: Telling it all, part 1.

Bruce is an all-around cool guy in my book. He’s got a big mouth, but that’s a lead singer thing. Anyway, it’s great to hear he’s helping out:

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson reportedly came to the rescue of hundreds of British citizens stranded in war-ravaged Beirut. Dickinson who is also a jet pilot, flew a Boeing 757 to Cyprus where he scooped up the evacuees and flew them back to Gatwick. No word on whether Dickinson cranked “Run to the Hills” on the PA.

“Run to the Hills”? Wouldn’t it be “Aces High“?! Or hell, even “Tailgunner“! But “Aces High” has that great line, “Got to get airborne before it’s too late!” Hell, let me post the video in honor of Bruce’s heroics.

What a weird song title – just who is Benjamin Breeg?

Here’s the video, which will hopefully not get yanked offline:

Is it fuckin’ cool?! I hope so; I haven’t even watched it myself yet! That’s how fast you’re getting this.

Up the Irons!

Great interview of John Dean. Scary stuff:

Olbermann and Dean go over the dramatic shift in neoconservativism towards authoritarianism. Dean says that approximately 23 percent of the population is ready to follow any strong, authoritarian leader right over the cliff. Logic, reality and American values don’t enter into it; certain people are followers. According to Dean, the vast majority of those people are of a conservative mindset, and their loyalty is absolute, even to the point of betraying everything they stand for if Dear Leader demands it.

Also hinted at is the vested interest of the current government in ratcheting up the fear level by playing up nonexistant terrorism threats. There’s a definite political advantage to keeping people afraid and it seems clear that the Bush/Cheney cabal have exploited this fact to strengthen their hold on power.

Watch the whole video for more. It’s about 10 minutes and touches on a lot of interesting subjects.

Sooo funny. What the fuck did he think would happen?

Open Source movie — Elephants Dream

No, it’s not a movie about open source software; it’s a movie made (almost) completely with open source tools and on an open operating system (Ubuntu Linux). I just downloaded the movie and watched it and it’s stunning! The 3D graphics are amazing. These guys have really put some time and effort into creating a realistic world. Check it out for yourself. It’s called Elephants Dream.

Using free 3D graphics software called Blender, this crew of open source believers has created a work of art that I didn’t know was possible for “nobodies” to make. It looks like a big-studio, Hollywood production. The backgrounds, the character animation, the sound design — it’s all top notch. A wonderful achievement.

It’s about 10 minutes long, and I have no idea what the hell is going on plotwise (there are no elephants for one thing), but it looks and sounds gorgeous all the way through. Well worth the download!

Monkey sniff butt!

Here’s what this site is all about folks:

That’s right folks! Welcome to Electric Monkey Pants! Your source for sophisticated humor.

Monkey sniffs butt!!
Monkey sniffs butt!! Woo!