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Well, this here is the archive. Of course, there's nothing in it yet since this site is not even operational. When I get more stuff, it will be placed here, including "back issues" of the weblog and odds and ends.

Eh? Ya see? Plannin' ahead. Pretty smart, right?

Or is it a waste of time? We shall see.

Update: Okay, the weblog is progressing quite well, so eventually I'll be putting older portions of my blog in this section. Check back here if you notice that the weblog page is suddenly shorter (and faster-loading). Not that the early entries are all that great, but what the hell. I'm a packrat, in cyberspace and the "real" world.

Okay, I'm gonna chop up the weblog before it becomes too much. Here is the first section:


Weblog Archive

December 2002 to December 2003

Other stuff