Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't try this at home kids

Oh man, that guy thought he was sooooo cool for about 5 seconds. Then, notice at the end how he has to roll off the truck and onto the concrete. Smooth, right? Well, not quite. Look how he almost gets crushed by the rear tire of his truck after the truck plows into the telephone pole.

Pretty fuckin' funny, though. I enjoyed the part where he almost died. Seriously -- this is just so fucking stupid. What if some little girl decided to ride her bike into the street right as this numbskull was getting onto his windshield? She could've been flattened, and this his little joke wouldn't be so funny, would it? Ah well, not that I'm totally against "riding the whip" -- I just don't think you should do it in urban or suburban areas. Go out in the sticks, man!

...After you fix your truck, that is.



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