Monday, April 09, 2007

AWOI - Absent without internet (reasons why Comcast sucks ass)

It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been working on a big post, but I've also been stranded without an internet connection at home. I canceled Comcast since it turns out they are a bunch of lying, thieving bastards. While I'm waiting for my DSL modem to arrive I'm experiencing life without a constant internet connection. It's scary and lonely. I don't recommend it.

As far as my dear, departed cable modem goes, please allow me to bitch (god i love having a blog). FUCK COMCAST!!!
Why does Comcast suck? Oh, I'm glad you asked; let me explain. Long ago, in a time known as 2005, things were good. I had a fast internet connection through Time-Warner. It was about 6 Mbps and it set me back about 43 bucks a month.

Then, I get a letter informing me that Comcast swapped all of Time-Warner's Minnesota subscribers (like me) and that I would now be a Comcast customer. Okay, this is where the creepy, ominous music kicks in.

The letter makes clear that there will be no price adjustments. In fact the FAQ is still online, which says exactly:
Will my monthly fee change with Comcast High-Speed Internet?
Price adjustments will not be required because of this change. All prices reflect the increased value of our service, new product enhancements, and investments to continually improve the quality of our network and customer service. Any price adjustments going forward will be planned and communicated to customers well in advance of any change.
You can see where this is headed, can't you?

"Price adjustments will not be required" -- weasel words, if I've ever read them. Fucking liars. Despite the promises, both of stable prices and advanced notice, it turns out that Comcast is run by a bunch of lying, thieving scumbags who exist only to squeeze every last dime out of their unwilling customer base in order to fatten their own undeserved bonuses at the end of the year -- you know the bonuses, I'm talking about. They're 10 times the size of their average employee's yearly salary.

I must say that every Comcast employee I dealt with -- 3 customer service reps and a technician who picked up my modem -- were great. Fine folks, didn't lie to me any more, and were very apologetic. But the fact remains that they work for fascist goons who are planning to rape, pillage and plunder this fresh, unearned subscriber base in an apparent effort to show just how stupid and short-sighted management teams can be. They're going for the gold medal in poor decision-making skills. Bravo.

So, do I even have to tell you what happened? Isn't it obvious from my venom? Well, I'll tell you anyway. Comcast sent me a notice, dated December 26th (yes, the day after Christmas -- "Happy holidays from Comcast! Fuck you!") informing me that my rates were going up to 60 bucks a month -- plus modem rental (3 bucks a month), starting.... February 1st! Yay!

So the lying fuckers tried to squeeze me for 20 bucks more a month and gave me only a month notice. This left me no choice. I wasn't going to stand for this shit. 20 bucks isn't much, but 20 bucks every month adds up to quite a lot. It's almost $250 more per year. I am not that rich, Comcast. But idiotic, greedy ploys like this explain how they can afford to pay their CEO 27.8 million dollars a year. I guess I know where my $250 would've went.

And so, instead of sending them a check for 40-some bucks a month they managed to convince me to send them a whole lot of nothing every month. Congrats, Comcast. Your short-sighted greed and stupidity has only managed to cost you subscribers like me. Fucking morons.

Instead of collecting money from people like me, Comcast managed to piss away subscribers like a drunk after a night of drinking cheap domestic beer. Instead of getting my money every month they've assured Qwest of my business instead. Bravo, fuckheads!

Check out MNspeak for an awesome thread full of pissed off former subscribers. Comcast's goose-stepping management team deserves an award for monumental stupidity. It's hard to motivate internet-addicted people like me to do without and overcome the inertia required to make the switch. But Comcast managed to fill me with so much revulsion that Qwest could implement a policy of jabbing me with sharp objects and I would still be happier with them.

Fuck off, Comcast. Take your golden parachutes and cram them up your ass.

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5 sick little monkeys said:

Anonymous delvinj screeched...

I'm in the same boat. Fuck off and die comcast.

21 April, 2007 20:59  
Anonymous Anonymous screeched...

My problem is with Comcast television as well as the cable internet.

Everyday around 11 am or so or even exactly, internet gets dropped. We called in the 1st 4 times it happened, they have no recollection that our neighborhood even had comcast available. Its the only thing available in basically all of of new mexico, which sucks ass. as far as the tv goes, when they came out to install it, they didnt know exactly which cable went to what, so i was in shock there, but all the good services always drop at the same time i always find something really good to watch. especially today, just ordered and paid 3.99 for Casino Royale, got 20 mins into the movie and the tv completely froze like a computer, turned it off and on and then box of death came on. FYI Fatal Error, reset it again, still there then another box comes up saying, Your Box is not authorized for any of the services you are trying to get. im like wtf. so now im stcuk watching local channels. Called in again today about that, they didnt even know our house existed, said we have a fake address or its not in there system, so i said weve been in your system for 6 months now and you've been out here fuckin with our wires and everything. so afterward, nothing got done and this little voice command survey came on and asked all these questions and rate from 1-10 1 being worst etc. i put 1 for everything, and then at the end it asked for a voice recording you could saywhat you thought about comcast in general, and i let them have it with a few nice words :)

29 June, 2007 19:13  
Anonymous Anonymous screeched...

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07 August, 2007 13:33  
Anonymous Anonymous screeched...

Yes, Comcast LIES. You are so correct on that. When I first signed up, they told me the first month would be free. Yeah right! I now have back-billing that I am supposed to pay far out the ass for, somewhere close to $150 by now, I'm sure (I am NOT exaggerating). You know what the kicker is? Fiber Optic Highspeed just became available in my area, but I'm in an apartment complex, and Comcast has made our building managers sign a contract with them saying that none of the tenants who want to switch from Comcast to an outside provider CAN. The fucking twats. I hate Comcast.

30 November, 2007 09:59  
Anonymous Anonymous screeched...

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