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Electric Monkey Pants began as a deranged experiment in HTML abuse and sputtering rage at the evil Bush Regime. It has since outgrown both, but you wouldn’t know it from this design and the world we live in today.

EMP was started by Tim O’Regan in 2003 to serve as an outlet for all things web-related. It soon morphed into a semi-popular political blog. Dozens of conspiracies were unraveled and those responsible were duly noted. However, that sort of thing can be exhausting and Mr. O’Regan’s spleen is fairly well vented these days. The intention is to move the blog back towards the light-hearted fun its name implies, if the world would only be so kind as to cooperate.

The blog name has been the subject of much speculation. Suffice it to say that you (hopefully) won’t be buying any electrical, light-up pantaloons for your monkey for sale on this blog, because there aren’t any. In fact, you might say the whole thing is a bit of a distraction, like so much of the modern world, blaring to you at 115 decibels and crisp 1080p brightness. Why not relax and ponder the inner meaning to the strange happenings on this world. Join us as we peel back a layer or three.

5 Responses to “About EMP”

  1. Brian L. says:

    Hi there.

    I’m wondering where you and ye olde Electric Monkey Pants might stand on a text link advertisement to support the site? I have a client that may be interested in purchasing from you, who pays upfront for a year.

    Should you respond with interest, I shall follow up for details.

    Thanks in advance for the time!

    Brian Scott Lillard; BWS

  2. G.O.D. says:

    He’s not interested in advertisement. Email me.

  3. Hi, what’s up. I’m a first-time visitor to your blog, “Electric Monkey Pants”. I just read your rant on leaf blowers. I understand being upset. I understand the outrage. It’s just I wonder if we could do something bigger than rants. Maybe it’s because when I post a rant against leaf blowers, I receive hate-mail. Or if I post a rant against loud motorcycle exhaust pipes, I receive hate-mail. I wonder whether something really constructive could be done.

    It seems that one of the major players here is Larry Will, who is a retired guy who works for ECHO and I guess he still keeps a blog going, at http://www.leafblowernoise.com. He apparently says that when people complain about the noise, they’re “grasping at straws”.

    What do you think of my blog, and what proactive stuff do you think quiet-rights-advocates (the term almost sounds silly, doesn’t it) can do, to make things more peaceful in our cities and towns.

    Chris Bennett (my pen name)

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  5. I may not always post about real issues on my blog, but I do like to provoke reactions and thoughts, thoughts that people never knew that they had. Even my silly posts try to provoke feelings and thoughts that people would have easily forgotten, if it hadn’t been for my post.

    Keep on bloggin’, and frequently have I come a knockin’ to this awesome blog!

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