March 26th, 2003

Just a quick update, as I’m swamped in homework. I have to finish 2 websites today. Damn right, that ain’t easy. Luckily, I’m just about done with one of them. It’s something close to my heart – the Trees Eat People Home Page is now in effect. I redid the whole damn thing from the ground up, and I must say that it humiliates the hell out of the old version. Of course, I did the old version without Dreamweaver, coding in straight HTML when I was just learning how to code. Now I know a lot more, so it should be cooler.

Next, I’m about to tackle The Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment website. Yeah, say that 10 times fast. Anyway, I’ve had the basics done for awhile now. It’s gonna be fairly straightforward – add content and make sure everything works. Of course, I’m considering adding pop-up buttons to a page. Man, that’s probably not a good idea at this point. I do want to test them out eventually, but this might not be the right time since I’m right in the middle of FINALS!!! Aaaaaaiiiiiiggghhhh!!!!

Oh man, I’m gonna crash and burn on my Scripting assignment. There’s not enough time in the day, and I don’t have the programming experience, knowledge or “touch” to do my Asteroids game properly. I’m gonna have to do my best, but it’s obviously going to fall short of my hopes. Flash can be a bitch whether you’re coding or tweening. Anyway. I’ll try to check back in later. For now, stay fresh, y’all.


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