It's over

Well, I got through it. I handed in my final stuff for Adv. Image Manip and my portfolio class. Looks like I’ve got a little more time for portfolio stuff, so I’ll work my ass off tomorrow (Sunday) as well. I took today off – from schoolwork. I jammed with Matt and Ben for hours today. We had a pretty good practice. Matt and I laid down a few tracks. Nothing outstanding, but at least we’ve got a version of Én Fuego on “tape” now. Actually, it’s on my computer, which desperately needs to be backed up so I can install 10.3 from scratch and not mess around with this shit. I’m currently downloading the latest patch for ProTools because it does not work with 10.3.1. I really need a new hard drive. A nice 120 gigger would do me wonders. Anytime you deal with audio or video, you need a shitload of freespace, no matter what. It’s just the way it is.

Right now I’ve got one book on my mind, and it’s calling to me like a wolf in the night. Actually, it’s the new Stephen King book, Wolves of the Calla. It’s the 5th Dark Tower book, and it’s quite good. If you’ve ever seen Seven Samurai you know the story, but it gets pretty deep into the characters and setting of the Dark Tower realm so you don’t even notice it, mostly. It’s easy and fun reading and I’m almost done. I’ve got like 60 pages to go; it’s the final showdown. I think I might have to leave you all and go read it.


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