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I went to guitar center today, after dropping my effects board off for repairs (damn thing won’t even turn on) and played with the keyboards. I fell in love with a Yamaha Motif ES-7, which of course, costs $2,400, on sale. So yay. I do want a keyboard, but I think I’m gonna get a cheap, plain one just for a MIDI controller so I can dick around with Reason and such. I’m waiting for the new version to come out, then I’ll probably pick up a cheap keyboard and a copy of Reason 3.0. Of course, that depends on how much the effects board ends up costing me. I hope it’s a cheap fix — I’m thinking fuse, which should be inexpensive.

Is everybody grooving to the new look of the site? Yeah, it’s similar to the old version on the right, but the left side is all new. Took me over 7 hours all told. I don’t think the RSS works properly, so I’ll be testing it at work before I start sending it around. It works okay in NetNewsWire Lite, but not optimally. Strangely, my links don’t seem to work. [UPDATE @ 6:40 pm]: Okay, I fixed the links thing. Can you believe it was just a matter of (not) capitalizing? XML is so finicky.

If you haven’t heard the news by now, Hunter S. Thompson has died, apparently of suicide. Suicide is often fatal. Which Hunter probably knew, but we can’t rule out that fact that he might’ve been completely fucked out of his mind. Of course, he’s been on lotsa drugs for years and never killed himself before so who knows. Either way, it sucks, and the world has lost a truly talented and insane writer. For me, he’ll always be immortalized in Johnny Depp’s hilarious portrayal. That movie is brilliant. I’ll leave you with a quote from his later days:

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

— Hunter S. Thompson, 1937 – 2005


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