Look out, Iran. GW's crazy

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These Bush cabal fuckers are crazy, man. Iraq is a fucking debacle and planning is well under way for part 2: Iran. It’s bigger, badder and much more challenging than the original. This sequel will be the beginning of the end of our little blue planet should we choose this course.

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Okay, this is getting creepy. I’m not choosing these songs; they’re popping up on my randomized iTunes player.

Anyway, seriously. We need to step back from the edge. Attacking Iran is crazy. These guys are probably the most powerful nation in the middle east and their fanatic nutjobs, just like Bush & company. That would be a bad combination.

Are you aware of the high-level planning for a war in Iran, with war games to that effect? Here’s a snippet from War and Piece:

The public needs to know first, that this planning includes preemptive plans that the President could approve and implement with 12 hours notice. Congress should take notice of the fact that there is a real war plan — CONPLAN 8022 — and it could be implemented tomorrow.

Second, the public needs to know that the train has left the station on bigger war planning, that a ground war — despite the Post claim yesterday that a land invasion ‘is not contemplated’ — is also being prepared. It is a real war plan; I’ve heard CONPLAN 1025.

Like early 2002, the floodgates have opened and the stories about Iran war planning have started. Some claim Dick Cheney has already made the decision, some claim war this spring, some say the U.S. and Israel are collaborating.

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Okay, this is officially scary. WTF?

I had to check the next song. It’s Skid Row. I’m gettin’ outa here.


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