Well, I did it! Check out the new blog

Yep, this is an all-new design and now it’s finally live. I’ve even migrated all my old posts over to the new system. Obsessive? Yes, but it was pretty easy. They go all the way back to 2002, but I’ve only been posting on blogger.com for the last month or so. And as you can see, some of those posts were test posts.

I hope to update this blog a lot more often than I did before. After all, I now use a system that is infinitely easier to update. Before, posting was a nightmare. Dreamweaver didn’t like my design and was constantly freezing up when I was typing. This is so much better. Who knew there was actually a point to “blog software.” I think I thought I was a tough-guy, a real hard-core web designer, who does things my way or not at all. Well, it turns out that my way is kinda hard. So, even though I have a little less control over the design of this blog, I hope my increased post-frequency makes up for it. We shall see.

Hell, I can do another post, right after this one! Muhahahaaa! It’s easy! I can organize my thoughts into coherant posts without screwing around with the HTML! This is sweet.


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3 Responses to “Well, I did it! Check out the new blog”

  1. Vemrion says:

    testing comments. testing

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Vemrion says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Daisy! Glad to see my blog isn’t blocked in China (yet).You might want to list your blog like this:http://spaces.msn.com/sissylina/Your link below your name doesn’t work. Just to let you know.

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