Wow. These two are major players in Democratic circles, and they’re basically accusing their own party of rolling over and playing dead. Jesse Jackson seems especially pissed:

JJ: Ohio was more thievery than in Florida. I was amazed and astonished in Florida and Ohio about Democrats’ unwillingness to fight back, to fight to the hilt. It’s beyond my capacity to comprehend why you should score a touchdown and not fight for your points to be counted.

RS: So you believe that John Kerry was wrong to have conceded?

JJ: Kerry won in Ohio. And Gore won in Florida. And neither was willing to put it all on the line to demand a full and fair count. I cannot explain the gutless factor. I cannot explain this desire to look presidential and not be president. Kerry gave up and wouldn’t come back to Ohio and fight. Gore gave up and wouldn’t come back to Florida and fight. That’s inexplicable to me. They chose order over justice.

They fucking sold America out, Jesse. It’s not just gutlessness, it’s treason. Who are these Vichy Democrats anyway? I’m no Democrat (for reasons such as this), but it is extremely disturbing that our only viable opposition party seems to be in bed with the neo-fascist party that’s currently in charge. How will we ever achieve change if Democrats are throwing elections? Personally, I think throwing an election is just as bad as stealing an election, so the Democrats and the Republicans are sitting at about the same level on my disgust-o-meter. However, it is nice to see somebody as high up in the party as Howard Dean take a stand on the fraudulent election:

HD: What are we going to do about it? It’s frustrating because we don’t control the levers of power. This is going to be a very critical election in 2006. We’re very aware that there’s huge potential for additional mischief in 2006. We have no doubt that some of the folks who were active in vote suppression will be active again. It’s very, very difficult to deal with it. We just have to keep pushing forward doing the best we can. The real question is why the mainstream media won’t write about this.

RS: You’ve been sounding the alarm on touch-screen voting machines, particularly Diebold machines. Why?

HD: Touch-screen voting machines absolutely cannot be relied upon. Our recommendation was optiscan ballots — where you actually have custody of the actual ballots after the ballots have been passed through the computer. That’s the most reliable system to use. And people should not use the electronic voting machines. Even electronic voting machines with paper trails can be manipulated.

The struggle continues.

Fucking Democrats took a dive and now we have to deal with 4 years of Bush’s Mussolini-style fascism. Pelosi is already saying that if the Democrats win in 2006 there won’t be any impeachment hearings. So basically, we’re already fucked either way. Hopefully things will go better in the Senate, but that’s a worry for another day. First, we have to ensure that the 2006 elections are fair, which won’t be easy if you consider the last 2 or 3 elections to be fraudulent. How can we ensure our elections are proper if the people in charge cheated their way into office? It’s quite the conundrum. I think we need to take to the streets and demand fair elections come hell or high water.

How did America come to this?


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