New York Has No Monuments?

That’s according to Homeland Security, in a document used to justify drastically reduced anti-terrorism spending in the New York.

Strange, I seem to remember a big dust-up in New York City a couple years ago… hmmm…

Isn’t this a little odd? They’re so quick to bring up 9.11 when it suits them, but they ignore it when they want to as well. Maybe this is some sort of twisted punishment for NY state voting for Kerry last election.

Well, that last thing we would want to do is question the motives of our elected officials, right? ‘Cause that would make us the terrorists.

And then they might have to defund our city’s anti-terrorism unit. Or something. This whole story makes little sense to me. Hopefully it’s just a case of government stupidity/incompetenence at every level. But the government can be surprisingly competent when they want to be…. makes you wonder what they’re up to now…


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