Sony Rootkit debacle continues

I never got a chance to blog about this as it was happening, back when my blog was a bitch to update, but I’ve always felt very strongly that this was a horrible, unforgiveable and unprecedented move on Sony’s part. What the fuck were they thinking?!

Who knows, but my man Greg over at Perfect Porridge was infected by the rootkit when he bought a Trey Anastasio CD (his first mistake – haha,… just kidding. I like Trey). This resulted in a reformatted harddrive and lots of emails to Sony support as he winded his way through the settlement process.
It’s been 230 days and he still hasn’t managed to get Sony to pony up the settlement in iTunes tracks. They’re trying to screw him into using Sony Connect, whatever the hell that is. Why should he use Sony’s store after Sony screwed him over royally? Head on over to PP and lend Greg some much needed support. Don’t give up man!


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