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Well, I’m still depressed about Rove, but I’m fuckin’ happy now ’cause my softball team won. We won good, too; kicked dey asses 22 to 7. Yeah! We got crushed last week, by a score that’s too embarrassing to print. But this game made up the difference.

Anyway, not much goin’ on. Had a discussion with somebody and I’m happy with the outcome and our agreement, which I will put into writing. Got plans in the mix, man, and I hope to be moving up in this world, to a more stable position in life.

Speaking of life, I just finished mixing my band’s last ad-hoc recordings. Pretty shitty quality but the energy comes through strong, and the musicianship has really been improving all around. We still need another member – if you know someone, get in contact. We’re multi-instrumentalists in search of a heavy, melodic vibe.

Yeah, music is my life in a way. I’m always listening to it. This blog would be totally about music if I cared to talk about it, but I think writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Something just doesn’t translate. I suppose this could be a gossip rag about certain bands, but it’s really not. I might post an MP3 from time to time and see if anybody downloads it. Maybe a podcast format or just a song every now and then, probably from local bands or small-time bands that I’m assuming would want the exposure (most of us would kill to have millions of people downloading our tunes for free over the internet!). I dunno, lemme know if anybody interested.

I probably won’t talk about the songs much; just say, “here take this MP3 and listen to it.” Then you can bitch about it in the comments. Or rave about it! I’ve got good taste in music, man. You’ll like my stuff; much of it you’ve never heard, I’ll wager. Ah, gather ’round lads and lassies and I will tell of you a story. My friend said that a mutual friend’s neighbors told him that the point of classical music, in fact the whole goal of composers since the dawn of the modern era, has been to compose a piece of music so good that it will open a gateway to heaven.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Can’t guarantee a song that good, but I think every decent songwriter would love to open us a doorway to heaven in your heart for 4 minutes or so. I’m just here to spread the love.


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