What a joke

This stuff with Ann Coulter insulting the 9/11 victims’ wives is a joke. I hesitate to even post about Ann Coulter because she’s such an obviously deranged demagogue. Let’s face it: she’s fucking clownshoes, man.

But on the other hand, she often serves as a mouthpiece for the GOP’s sick beliefs. She exists to say the things the rest of the hateful assholes out there wish they could say, thereby bringing their twisted ideas into the mainstream. Her job is to try to move the mainstream to the right. But today, I think people will realize what a fucking prick she really is. Here’s what she wrote in her book:

“These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV … reveling in their status as celebrities,” she writes. “These self-obsessed women seem genuinely unaware that 9/11 was an attack on our nation and acted as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them.”

–snipped and flipped–

“I’ve never seen people enjoy their husbands’ deaths so much,” she writes in the book.

Why does she hate these 9/11 wives so much? Is there something deeper here? Why even bother insulting them except for the publicity? I guess that certainly could be her only motive (would any of us put it past her?), but I’m suspicious that there’s something more going on here. I see her as a mouthpiece for the rightwing, as I said. So is it possible that the GOP is pissed at the 9/11 victims’ wives for some reason?

Perhaps they’ve been asking too many questions about that fateful day…


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