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Even more alarming, Dobson admits in one of his books that as a child he arranged a fight between two mismatched dogs. The battle involved a tenacious bulldog and a “sweet, passive Scottie named Baby,” and Dobson provoked it by throwing a tennis ball toward Baby. He writes what happened next: “The bulldog went straight for Baby’s throat and hung on. It was an awful scene. Neighbors came running from everywhere as the Scottie screamed in terror. It took ten minutes and a garden hose for the adults to pry loose the bulldog’s grip. By then Baby was almost dead. He spent two weeks in the animal hospital, and I spent two weeks in the doghouse. I was hated by the entire town.”

As any child psychologist will tell you, this type of cruelty toward animals is a sign of a serious psychological disturbance.

There’s a lot more. Check it out for the full tale of woe. Basically, his parents were complete hardasses and they treated him like shit, and he was a pathetic child who acted out and was violent towards others.

So now he’s some big shot minister, huh? Great. Can you imagine for a second, James, that maybe other people had fucked up childhoods too? And that maybe they reacted differently than you? Or even weirder — that some people didn’t have messed up childhoods? Maybe some of us don’t need your strict rules to behave kindly.

I have no problem with Dobson having weird beliefs and a strict interpretation of the Bible. That’s fine. But when he tries to push his beliefs onto others and tries to turn our great nation into a fucking theocracy, then we got beef.

So, sucks to be you with your crappy childhood, James. But leave the rest of us out of it.


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One Response to “James Dobson is a fanatic psycho because of his fucked up childhood”

  1. Allan says:

    Dobson is a bible banging hypocrite using his “non-profit” organization to make millions of the morons out there who think they will go to hell if they don’t buy his right wing shit. He helped elect Bush. Piss on Ya Dobson and the rest of you right wing bible bangers.

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