Great interview of John Dean. Scary stuff:

Olbermann and Dean go over the dramatic shift in neoconservativism towards authoritarianism. Dean says that approximately 23 percent of the population is ready to follow any strong, authoritarian leader right over the cliff. Logic, reality and American values don’t enter into it; certain people are followers. According to Dean, the vast majority of those people are of a conservative mindset, and their loyalty is absolute, even to the point of betraying everything they stand for if Dear Leader demands it.

Also hinted at is the vested interest of the current government in ratcheting up the fear level by playing up nonexistant terrorism threats. There’s a definite political advantage to keeping people afraid and it seems clear that the Bush/Cheney cabal have exploited this fact to strengthen their hold on power.

Watch the whole video for more. It’s about 10 minutes and touches on a lot of interesting subjects.


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