Koizumi rocks out at Graceland

Koizumi loves Elvis a lot! This story is pretty damn hilarious:

It was Bush’s first visit to Presley’s white brick mansion.

“My first visit too,” Koizumi said, standing in a gaudy, wood-paneled den known as the Jungle Room where Presley hung out with his buddies. “It’s like a dream – with President Bush and Presley’s daughter.”

Bush, first lady Laura Bush and Koizumi drove through the gates of Graceland in a shiny, black limousine adorned with the flags of both nations. It was as if they were making a formal diplomatic visit.

After they got out, the scene turned surreal.

Here was Bush, who didn’t stop off at the Taj Mahal while in India, touring the home of a music star who died in his bathroom of heart disease and drug abuse in 1977.

Instead of walking down red carpets to review troops, Bush and Koizumi strode over green shag that lined the floors and ceiling of the den. Instead of elegant furniture and chandeliers, Bush and Koizumi posed for photos in a room decorated with white ceramic monkeys and wooden chairs with armrests carved in the shape of animal heads.

Aw, c’mon! What’s wrong with ceramic monkeys! I’m tellin’ ya – monkeys are fuckin’ great. Everybody loves monkeys. You can’t go wrong with monkeys. Hell, that’s why I named this blog Electric Monkey Pants. If it’s got monkeys in it, it’s gotta be good, right?

I find this scenario improbably hilarious. I don’t even have any of my customary Bush-bashing as I think it’s decent of him to do a favor for Koizumi like this. Koizumi’s involvement with the Iraq War not withstanding, I think it’s he a pretty cool guy for a politician.

The whole thing sounds totally bizarre. I wish politics were always this weird and interesting. Mostly it’s depressing and hopeless. But Koizumi has brightened my day with his appreciation of Elvis. Rock on!


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