Stop World War IV


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2 Responses to “Stop World War IV”

  1. Life sucks.The entire planet is dying. Dozens of species go extinct weekly. We’re swimming in garbage and our own waste.We barely exist in the artificial economy teetering on the brink of collapse.People work three jobs to feed themselves while CEO’s make billions of dollars in profits.Why stop world war 4? Really?Without using jesus or babies or any of the other bullshit sentimental piddle and crap. WHY?I say it’s time to cull the herd.Get rid of 6 or so billion people and start again with the few hardy souls that survive.I really do not give the slightest damn if they blow the shit out of the planet.I’ll be partying at ground zero.

  2. Vemrion says:

    hey glow. sometimes I feel the exact same way. Cull the herd. The problem, I think, is that the corrupt fascist assholes who will start WW4 are also the ones who will probably survive it. They’ve built underground bunkers and DUMBs (deep underground military bases) so that they will survive their own idiocy, whereas most innocent people will not. Instead of partying at ground zero you should be waiting for these neocon assholes to emerge from the bunkers so you can exact a little bit of armageddon justice.I would much rather put all the guilty neocons in jail. Why should we have to suffer for their insanity and evil?

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