Check out this YouTube video (crank the sound, especially when the police captain (John Brooks) is speaking to his “troops”):

This is some really sick shit. You call this America? George Orwell’s America, maybe. George Bush’s Amerika, definitely.

You know, the lady who was shot was carrying a sign saying “FEAR Totalitarianism.” The cops proved her point when they shot her while her back was turned. Then they shot her again while she was cowering behind the sign.

Thanks for making it clear, Miami PD: We do live in a totalitarian state. In fact, we live in a terrorist state. Just think if the protestors started shooting rubber bullets back at the cops. The cops would call the protestors terrorists, right? So, if the protestors tactics are terrorism, then it follows logically that the cops are terrorists as well, using their own definition.

Based on the captain’s pep speech, the cops considered it a battle, even though “the other side” never fought back or used weapons. This is nothing more or less than fascism in action. It’s shameful. Cops are supposed to protect us, not oppress us! The cops are the ones subscribing to an “us versus them” ideology. Certainly their actions will inspire that same ideology in the protestors who witnessed the cops indiscretions. Terrorism begets terrorism.


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2 Responses to “Fascism in the streets: Miami cops shoot peaceful protestors and laugh about it”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Works for me…….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did Bush order them to do it???

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