What happened to his “Joe-mentum”?

Lieberman is a sniveling Bush toady and he deserved to lose for that fact alone. His support for the War in Iraq is just more reason to kick him out.

It’s actually an extremely rare event to kick a sitting senator out of his seat in a primary — incumbancy re-election rates approach 98%. Joe must’ve really pissed some people off.

The AP has apparently called the primary in Lamont’s favor, meaning Joe is being forced to make good on his threat to bolt the Democratic party (but I thought he looooved the Democrats so much!! [snort]) and run as an independent.

He could win as an independent, but I suspect that his partisan friends will pressure him to withdraw. I don’t really see Lieberman as an independent — he needs a circle of allies around him. I think he would do much better to join the Republican Party. Not that I would suggest that to anyone I didn’t hate, but Joe and the Republicans are perfect together.

As for Lamont and the Democrats — meh. We’ll see if he can get elected to the Senate. I would like to see the Democrats start nailing Bush’s balls to the wall, but I have my doubts. The Democrats are infested and corrupted with the same corporate dollar that the Republicans are. You can’t truth either of them. And if Joe’s an independent, that just proves you can’t trust certain independents either.

In fact, an honest man has practically zero chance of ever getting elected.

Is it any wonder I’m cynical and depressed about the state of affairs in this country? We need another revolution.


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