Donald Rumsfeld flew to Iraq today, with only a few days left in office. He “bid the troops farewell” and tried to shore up the neocon war effort in Iraq, warning of the consequences of failure. Indeed, this war is Rumsfeld’s legacy, and he wants to see it won. Too bad he fucked it up so badly, every step of the way. His only true legacy will be American humiliation.

And we should be ashamed, for propping up men like General Pinochet, ex-Dictator of Chile and friend of evil, who said goodbye in his own way, by kicking the bucket. It’s worth noting he took power on September 11th, 1973. How fitting. The linked article above glides past CIA responsibility for Pinochet’s coup, but everyone knows Washington wanted Allende out of the picture. They admit as much. I wonder what Rumsfeld was up to in the summer of 1973…

Ah Rummy & Pinochet! What a couple! …

See ya, boys. …

You won’t be missed.


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One Response to “First Rumsfeld says goodbye, then Pinochet does too”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i didn’t realize rummy had such a big heart. i can just hear him now: “troops, i must bid you farewell. not only because i am leaving office, but because most of you will die here fighting bush’s war … “

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