A young McDonald’s employee humiliated, forced to strip and then to perform a sexual act in the back office, during her work day.

This is one fucked up story. I’m not going to try and regurgitate it since I won’t do it justice. Just check it out and try not to think of Milgram’s experiment concerning obediance to authority.

Update 10.2.07: The poor (obedient) girl has managed to swing a 6 million dollar payday out of this episode. I guess she won’t have to work at McDonald’s anymore.


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8 Responses to “Teen McDonald's Worker Strip-Searched at Behest of Fake Cop (w/ video)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    didn’t this happen awhile ago? i remember watching some 60 minutes special about it and thinking: this is so fucked up those bastards should be castrated, but at the same time c’mon girl, how stupid do you have to be to give a blow job to some dude because some other dude on the phone tells you to do it or else?hedyhttp://hedydevine.blogspot.com

  2. Vemrion says:

    Yeah, it did happen awhile ago — back in 2004, I think. This was the first I’d heard of it, though. I think it’s back in the news because the guy accused of making the call was recently acquitted.I agree that MASSIVE stupidity was involved in all cases. I guess the caller comes off looking pretty smart (and manipulative), but incredibly evil. I can’t believe the manager thought that this was standard police practice. I can sort of understand why the victim went along with this since she was just an ignorant young girl working at McDonalds at the time. Still, if there was a time to grow a spine, that was it. Her parents — idiots that they are — taught her to always obey adults. Dumb move, it turns out. Question authority, people!

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, The poster who said her parents taught her to always obey adults. when you turn 18 from being a child at 17, 1 years does not make you say hey I am a dult know so let me grow a spine. There have been people in there 30s and 40s still scared of authority from there upbringing. I was a person who had a strict upbring and that led me to be too trusting and was taken avantage of in life. Last year I recently got an apology from my father last year but the damage has been done. You do not know till you walk in a mans shoes

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