There’s a discussion over at Slashdot concerning the income disparity we face today. I expect it to be modded into oblivion by fascists, capitalists and morons, so I’m reposting it here:

So, who got a check from the government last year to make up for all the money you lost to inflation? Anyone?

Whenever topics like this come up all the libertarians, fascist/corporatists and foaming-at-the-mouth capitalists come out of the woodwork to say that “anybody can make it in America!” even though none of them have been poor, black, suffering from disease and fleeing from hurricanes while still succeeding in business. Hey, I like kool-aid, too, but this is total horseshit. Let me be absolutely clear:

THE RICH “CREATE” POVERTY. Clear enough? Without rich people actively trying to fuck over poor people we wouldn’t have the income disparity that we presently have. To see it in action, all you have to do is look at the Republican party and their collaborators in big business. They try their best to cut taxes for the rich and slash spending on social programs, no matter what the human cost. The Democrats help by increasing federal spending to obscene levels thereby necessitating increased taxation. We get fucked from both ends, like a double-sided dildo.

As amusing as it is to read white-bread, middle-class slashdotters talking about how easy it is for anybody in America to become a captain of industry, I feel compelled to take a shit on your Capitalism Cake. Fascism is alive and well in this country, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows what Fascism is: Corporatism. Basically, it’s the merger of the state and big business. Fascism is the governmental system that is most favorable to business, bar none. Big Business is fascist not because they believe in Hitler’s aryan fantasies but because they stand to gain from a government hopelessly devoted to improving market conditions for greedy multinationals.

The income gap is not a new thing because greed is as old as humanity. There is no such thing as being “rich enough.” There is only MORE. More money, more power, more disparity. And how do you really know that you’re rich unless somebody else is poor? How can you really enjoy being wealthy unless you have servants? The rich mindset is dead set on creating inequity because the rich benefit from it, and like I said, there is no limit to their desires.

This is aided, abetted and made possible by the Federal Reserve System. Each year the Fed increases the money supply, and each year money becomes worth less and less. That’s the problem with fiat currency. Since it’s not backed by gold the dollar bill has no intrinsic worth. It is just paper. Since it’s just paper/electrons it can be created with a flick of the wrist. And so it is. When that money is created, who gets it? You? Does the government/private industry send you a check each year to account for inflation? No, the money is simply stolen from you by those who create it: The bankers. Bankers are the Kings of Capitalism. They are the new aristocracy, the ruling class that maintains control with an iron fist. They control the corporations and our government.

But this system, which appears impossibly strong from the outside, is actually rotting from within. Things are falling apart. If there was a run on the banks our economy would collapse into a pit that would make the Great Depression look like a tea party. That’s because of the deposits vs. cash-on-hand ratio. Banks are able to create money simply by making loans. How? Well, they don’t really have your money in the vault, you know. For each dollar you put in your savings account the bank is able to lend 10 dollars out because bankers have figured out that they only need to keep 10% of their total deposits on hand at any given time. (I’d like to have a 9x or 10x multiplier on my wealth. Maybe I should start a bank and screw you people over! It’s the American way!) The Fed backs them in case of a run, but they don’t have the money either. The money doesn’t exist. It’s imaginary. It’s not backed by anything like gold and it is only accessible during normal business climates. In the event of a nationwide run on all banks the first 10% might get their money out. The other 90% are totally and completely fucked.

Our economy is based on smoke and mirrors. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation that loans our government money at interest, even though the money is completely fake. This is why we have a 9 trillion dollar federal debt (well, that and profligate spending by Congress). It’s a total scam. And most importantly, it’s a system of control, courtesy of the ultra-rich. They know that money is worthless; it’s only a means to an end: Power.

So does income inequality matter? Of course it does. It matters to the rich, who count on poor people for cheap labor (thus, the love affair with illegal immigration — would you rather pay $2.50 an hour for a Mexican gardener, or $10.50 for a citizen gardener?), and it matters to the poor, who can’t afford to go back to school to get more skills and get a better job… working for a rich guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, went to Harvard’s kindergarten, etc.

So please, spare me the platitudes about how anybody can make it in America. If you do make it you’ll have to spend the rest of your life looking after your money, investing it properly and being successful at it or inflation will turn your wealth into a big pile of nothing. This should be nothing new to anybody who’s familiar with the ruling class. It’s the same in this country as it was 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire. One of my favorite scenes from Mel Brook’s History of the World: Part 1 is the one in the Roman Senate:

Leader of Senate: All fellow members of the Roman senate hear me. Shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich? Or shall we aspire to a more noble purpose and build decent housing for the poor? How does the senate vote?

Entire Senate: FUCK THE POOR!


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5 Responses to “Income Inequality in America: Where’s my Check for Inflation?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just found your site!!! Hope all is well!! _____________________________

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is absolute horseshit. Do you even understand basic economics?Check out a recent, more pro-active post on < HREF="" REL="nofollow">achieving wealth<>. Obviously, you could use some solid information.

  3. Vemrion says:

    anon 18:00:Speaking of horseshit, your linked article was it. Carrying around more than 200 bucks in my wallet is supposed to make me “think wealthy”? That’s fucking horseshit. A lot of people don’t have time to play your little mindgames because they’re too busy working for a living. I’m sure that you are wealthy if you can waste your time doing crap like that, but the rest of us are concerned about putting food on the table (and natural gas in the pipes this winter). Secondly, your link and your comment did nothing to rebut the many points I made in this post. Please point out errors if there are any. Thx.

  4. Nardolen says:

    Nice.I have to make one point, however. Democrats may not be angels, but when they are in the white house we don’t seem to spend as much. Reagan, Bush, and Bush v2 (the real king) have been great at wasting money. Star Wars and missile defense, anyone? Not to mention the war on ‘terror’ (and apparently common sense, civil rights, human dignity, and peace.)I’d rather spend money on education and public improvement than weapons that are completely ineffective and foreign policy that ensures our children will be hated by the world for centuries.Hell, compared to these idiot policies, we might as well have spent our money trying to find a Kryptonian man to save our way of life.

  5. fallout11 says:

    Well put, Vemrion, but understood by few.Much like mass and energy, ‘wealth’ is never ‘made’ (unless you are a counterfeiter or a bank/federal reserve/government), it is merely transferred about in a net sum game. Someone loses a dollar, when another gains it. Wealth transferrance. In this country, that wealth has been moving primarily in one direction for the last 35 years or so.When wealth IS made (manufactured), the process is known as inflation. Asset bubbles (commodities, tech, housing, derivatives, etc) are good examples. For more, study the Austrian school of economics, or pick up a “classical economics” textbook.Inflation has destroyed 97% of the US dollars value since 1914.

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