Apple Computer became Apple, Inc. today as the computer maker dropped the “Computer” from its name to more closely reflect its recent forays into consumer electronics with the iPod, and now the iPhone.

The phone features a radical new interface which they’ve named MultiTouch. Basically, there is no keypad on the phone. You do everything with your fingers on the touchscreen interface. The screen overlays a number pad or a full keyboard when you need it, which then disappears when it’s not needed. The phone plays movies in widescreen and can be used to surf the internet (for real, not that hokey shit on most phones).

According to Steve Jobs, the phone is actually a combination of 3 devices: An iPod, a smartphone and an internet communicator (since it can surf the web). Oh, and it has a 2 megapixel camera built in. So you can surf the web, take pictures, call your friends, listen to music, send emails (with attachments) and watch TV/movies all on one little device. Now, I may be jaded and cynical, but that’s pretty fucking cool. And at 500 bucks, it damn well better be.

Now, I won’t be getting one of these anytime soon because I hate cellphones, but I appreciate the idea and the coolness factor of this thing. It’s about time we got some real innovation going on in that space. This device is damn close to a tricorder. You know, we won’t be getting flying cars anytime soon, but I think that we could come close to the tricorder. If it’s doesn’t analyze the atmosphere for its gaseous makeup… well, that’s okay as long as it has the web.


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