Anna Nicole Smith murdered? Questions remain

You’ve no doubt been caught in the media’s miasma of sensationalization. Their orgy of recrminiations and fingers pointed, obliquely or not, is mostly a distraction. But there might be some truth to the whispers that she was murdered. It should not go without notice that there is a billion dollar inheritance at stake.

As usual, Rigorous Intuition is on top of things, including the frightening comparisons to Marylin Monroe. It’s dangerous to be a hot blonde…

A week before her death, Monroe spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Neva Lodge as a doped-up plush-toy of owners Frank Sinatra and Sam Giancana. Later, friend Ralph Roberts said Monroe described it as a “nightmare,” and that she’d felt more like a prisoner than a guest. Photographer Billy Woodfield, who’d worked with both Monroe and Sinatra, told Wolfe that Sinatra gave him a roll of film from the weekend to develop: “In his darkroom the photographer was shocked to see that the photos were of an unconscious Marilyn Monroe being sexually abused in the presence of Sam Giancana and Sinatra. Marilyn had been drugged in order for the compromising photos to be taken.” Woodfield advised Sinatra to burn them.

Drugs, mind-control, assassination, rape and blackmail. What a wonderful world we live in. Sinatra was protected from on high, much like Johnny Fontaine in the Godfather, so this doesn’t sound too out of character for him. He wants a fine piece of ass, so all he has to do is pick one from the pages of People magazine. His goons get the drugs and the dame and the rest is a party, if that’s what you’d call it.

The death of Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel, seemed very suspicious to me (removing the heirs?). I think we have to look at the obvious suspects in this case (which the police seem reluctant to do): She made a lot of enemies for marrying J. Howard Marshall a little over a year before his death. The complex court case involving the Marshall family’s efforts to deny Anna Nicole a slice of that billion dollar payout got dirty fast. After a recent Supreme Court ruling in her favor I think it’s foolish to ignore the obvious suspects in our midst. E. Pierce Marshall is dead, but no doubt somebody else is controlling the family now. The question is “who?” and how far will they go to maintain their fortune?


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3 Responses to “Anna Nicole Smith murdered? Questions remain”

  1. Anonymous says:

    39 year old millionairess and her 20 year old heir die suddenly, sleazy jewish lawyer boyfriend in line for the money. Next. He obviously thought he could get away with it, and he probably will.The murder of her son was literally an evil act, he was her pride and joy. The poor girl was surrounded by jews – lawyers, porn barons, all people she trusted. From Hugh Heffner to close confidante Khristine Eroshevich who said the baby is “in safe hands” with Howard K.Stern, to the “Prince” dickbrain kike who recently surfaced to say “everyone” slept with her, what a straight, everyday guy.The heart may have been Anna’s but everything else belonged to the jews who surrounded and exploited her. One word described her public life: Jewy. Fake, sleazy – Jewy. When you know the company she kept, her decision to marry an eighty year old for his money doesn’t seem so bizarre. Hustled away and killed for her money. It was no more a sophisticated crime as that – killed for her money like a cheap street robbery.You can take the jew out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the jew. Stay away from the ghetto. Thanks for letting me have my say.BREAKING: Stern is the “Executor” of her will.

  2. Vemrion says:

    Uh yeah… I don’t think we can blame Jewish people as a whole for the less-than-wholesome actions of a few. There are plenty of good Jews out there – racism is not the answer, it’s the problem. The global elite use racism (anti-semitism is a form of racism) to divide us and keep us from trusting one another. Sure, many of the global elite are Jews, but many of them are also Christians. It doesn’t make sense to just blame the Jews when it’s obvious that the problems infecting our world are so much more complex than that. If only it was as easy as that. But it never is.

  3. Hedy De Vine says:

    Oh, Vemrion, some of the comments you get on your blog….

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