When E. Howard Hunt died a few months ago, there was speculation that he would leave behind a confession. At first, it appeared he had not, but now Rolling Stone is running with a story based on a confession Hunt made to his son, Saint John Hunt (who fucking names their kid “Saint”? A fucking narcissistic fuckhead, that’s who).

The confession is compelling, but Hunt is a well-known liar. Indeed, his confession is his own version of a limited hang out. He claimed to have refused to take part in the plot, but his own lies tripped him up, as he also claimed to know the command structure (from LBJ on down) and who was the the marksman on the grassy knoll. It’s pretty clear he was up to his ears in this thing. My favorite part of the Rolling Stone piece is when Hunt’s son shreds his dad’s alibi like grated cheese:

“And then, like an epiphany, I remember ’63, and my dad being gone, and my mom telling me that he was on a business trip to Dallas. I’ve tried to convince myself that’s some kind of false memory, that I’m just nuts, that it’s something I heard years later. But, I mean, his alibi for that day is that he was at home with his family. I remember I was in the fifth grade. We were at recess. I was playing on the merry-go-round. We were called in and told to go home, because the president had been killed. And I remember going home. But I don’t remember my dad being there. I have no recollection of him being there. And then he has this whole thing about shopping for Chinese food with my mother that day, so that they could cook a meal together.” His father testified to this, in court, on more than one occasion, saying that he and his wife often cooked meals together.St. John pauses and leans forward. “Well,” he says, “I can tell you that’s just the biggest load of crap in the fucking world. He was always looking at things like he was writing a novel; everything had to be just so glamorous and so exciting. He couldn’t even be bothered with his children. That’s not glamorous. James Bond doesn’t have children. So my dad in the kitchen? Chopping vegetables with his wife? I’m so sorry, but that would never happen. Ever. That fucker never did jack-squat like that. Ever.”

It is pretty funny, imagining him at home with the wife, helping out with the cooking. Hah! This guy was a misogynist asshole, not Julia Child. If he ever used a knife for something it was to cut somebody’s fingers off, not make a dainty meal for the kids.

Anyway, that’s not to say his confession is unimportant. Even a partial confession is vastly more than what we had before: denials, denials, denials. His history as a liar makes it suspect, of course, but I think St. John’s story is compelling. He alone knew how to extract this information from his father (read the whole thing for Kevin Costner’s half-assed attempt).

This has to be one of the biggest bombshells in recent memory. These revelations will make the cover of every major news-magazine and the headline of every newspaper, right?


The story is over a week old and no major media have picked up on it yet. And they won’t.

I’ve been telling people for years that the mainstream media is utterly controlled by the Oligarchy. If this example doesn’t make that clear, I don’t know what else to tell you. I mean, it’s not like the allegation/confession even has to be true to be newsworthy. The media has covered all the people claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s orphaned daughter. They can’t all be right (the parade of people claiming to have fucked Anna Nicole is like one of those clown cars at the circus).

This is newsworthy. That is not really up for debate. If somebody confesses to murdering the president, that’s fucking newsworthy. So why the deafening silence?

The media is part of the conspiracy, that’s why. The media was one of the biggest parts of the cover-up right after the fact (and some would say, before it). Shooting the president is fairly easy. Getting away with it is damn near impossible… unless you control the levers of power. The rich and powerful men who make up the Oligarchy are the same men who own and operate the mainstream media. These levers of power are known by many names: Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc. But they all serve the same master.

Is there anything else the Media isn’t telling you? (and how would you know?)


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7 Responses to “The media’s reaction to E. Howard Hunt’s JFK assassination confesssion reveals their complicity”

  1. david hunt says:

    here is how the la times did a job on us.On March 20, the Los Angeles Times ran a story titled “Watergate plotter may have last tale”. I wasn’t surprised because I had initiated the interview and had been waiting for three weeks from the original print date. I hand picked journalist Carol J. Williams because her piece on my fathers’ life and death was impartial and fair. She flew to Eureka for a 5 hour interview with my brother St. John and then 2 hours with me in L.A. What surprised and angered me was the absence of critical information and the presence of disinformation meant to discredit myself and my brother. The following are excerpts taken from the article followed by factual accounting and how it was twisted. Spin: Hunt’s daughters headed west to create new lives. Kevan came to California, where she has practiced law for 25 years. Lisa became a fundamentalist Christian and runs an insurance firm in Las Vegas. Reality Notice positive introduction of our sisters who later in the story discredit us. All of their skeletons, for which there are many, are left in the closet. He was convicted twice on felony drug charges in the Bay Area but served no prison time. When he became homeless, he renounced his drug habit, renewed ties with his father and siblings and moved to this Pacific Coast timber and fishing town. Spin: St. John is introduced as a homeless, drug addict and felon. These are all true but he had been sober many years before starting this project.. David, now 43, also abused drugs after his mother’s death and the years he spent in the violent milieu of Cuban exile politics. He now sells Jacuzzis at a West L.A. spa shop. Spin: I am a partner in a successful Los Angeles business and reside in Beverly Hills. The years I spent with my godfather and second family were some of the happiest and most loved times of my life. It sounds as if I was in some crazed military camp to make my involvement look suspect and desperate. The materials they offer to substantiate their story, examined by the Los Angeles Times, are inconclusive .Spin: The writer briefly looked over hand written notes from my father and viewed less than 5% of video interviews conducted by Eric Hamberg. As far as I know Carol Williams is not an expert in hand writing analysis, JFK Assassination study or relevant history. She lacks any expertise on any level to render the materials inconclusive. None of the accounts provides evidence to convincingly validate that their father disclosed anything revelatory. Hunt answers questions on a videotape using speculative phrases, observing that various named figures were “possibly” involved. A chart Hunt sketched during one conversation with St. John shows the same rogue CIA operation he describes in the memoir.. Spin: At no time were we attempting to prove to Miss Williams anything other than we have in our possession information from a person who has long been believed to hold the answers to some of our countries most debated questions. Our position is to provide this information which we believe to be truthful and accurate to the people that have researched the topic thoroughly.Hunt’s widow and her two children, 27-year-old Austin and 23-year-old Hollis, dismiss the brothers’ story, saying it is the result of coaching an old man whose lucidity waxed and waned in his final months. Spin: Unfortunately neither Austin nor Hollis were present during the interviews. This was a condition set by my father who kept his second family isolated from his previous life. It was an opportunity for a second chance. He had gotten out of jail, married an innocent civilian and spent his remaining 27 years trying to live a normal life. Hollis and Austin had a very secure environment and a father that was easily accessible. I believe he saw the damage his previous lifestyle imposed on his first set of children and he was determined not to repeat it. Neither my brother nor I were allowed to mention anything from my fathers past when they were present. He had told me many times that if Laura, his second wife, thought he had anything to do with JFK that she would leave him. My brother and I have a huge amount of respect for what our step mother had to put up with caring for my father in his last years. She is nothing short of a saint, unselfish and a completely devoted wife. Kevan bitterly accuses her brothers of “elder abuse,” saying they pressured their father for dramatic scenarios for their own financial gain. Hunt’s longtime lawyer, Bill Snyder, says: “Howard was just speculating. He had no hard evidence.” Spin: Kevan had little involvement with our father after Watergate and the death of our mother. She had no knowledge or interest in our fathers well being. She remained bitter to the end and didn’t even attend our fathers’ funeral. This statement is particularly damaging to St.John who makes his living assisting the elderly. Anyone who truly knows my brother including the people he currently cares for would tell you he is honest, kind and devoted to their well being and comfort.“That’s the way spies are,” David says with a wry smile, remembering a father he never really knew. Spin: I was the only one of his children that was alive during Watergate and JFK assassination that lived with him after he was released from jail. We had a very close relationship until the last two years of his life. His hearing condition made it impossible to communicate via telephone. I was at the hospital visiting with him and left on a Sunday night. He died Tuesday morningPerhaps the biggest omission from the L.A Times article is that I had the foresight to know that people would discredit me and St. John because of our pasts. I was even doubtful when St. John said he had all the info on paper written by our father. This is precisely why I brought Eric Hamberg in. I met Eric on the movie set of Nixon. I accompanied my father to meet with Oliver Stone. Oliver and Eric grilled my father for hours about anything and everything they suspected my father of knowing. The reason why Eric stuck out in my mind is that my father liked him. I found it peculiar because my father didn’t like anyone. It was the first time I had ever heard my father say something nice about someone with opposing political views. Eric Hamberg has devoted years to uncovering the truth behind the JFK assassination. He was responsible for getting the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 passed. He is a respected authority on historical facts of that era. He is beyond suspicion of fabricating evidence for financial gain. I knew if he met with my father and wanted to be part of the project than it was the truth. Eric Hamberg was the original writer that started and secured the book deal for the recently released American Spy novel. It was only in the final stages of the book when my father bowed to pressure from his wife and attorney and changed his mind about going public with this information. At that point Eric knew the truth and ended his involvement with American Spy. It was finished by a ghost writer. The O.J style” If I did it” section was adapted to appease the publisher who was deeply invested in the project.For me the upcoming book is business. We have a valuable legitimate story to share with people who are interested. People write books for money it is as simple as that. For my brother St. John it is more personal. It was during his generation that these events took place. I believe for Eric it is the quest for the truth. If more people that were even remotely involved came forward with what they know we would finally be able to put the subject to rest. But this is a dangerous subject. As of the date the LA Times article came out my brother has been run off the road and his house ran sacked.

  2. Vemrion says:

    Hi David — thanks for posting. I dug up that LA Times article you referred to.

    You have a point about the spin-filled article. She basically shoots down your entire story in one paragraph:

    “Hunt answers questions on a videotape using speculative phrases, observing that various named figures were “possibly” involved. A chart Hunt sketched during one conversation with St. John shows the same rogue CIA operation he describes in the memoir. None of the accounts provides evidence to convincingly validate that their father disclosed anything revelatory.”

    But, if that’s the case, why is she even writing this article? And how did she come to these conclusions? Did she let experts examine the evidence? Is she an expert herself? It’s very mysterious, but she writes with an authoritative tone that says, “Nothing to see here.” I’ve heard that tone before, and it usually means there is something to see here.

    The attempts to threaten/intimidate your brother are also very worrisome. Take precautions! These people mean business and we already know they are willing to kill to achieve their ends.

  3. zounds456 says:

    DAMN, how come I never read this story??

  4. Vemrion says:

    zounds456: I thought I covered that! 😉

    Update for y’all: Saint John appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show to talk about the allegations/confession. There’s a bit of new information revealed as well.

  5. Vemrion says:

    Oh, I should also mention this awesome article over at Salon. RFK has his own suspicions about the assassination….RFK’s assassination was pretty obviously a CIA hit as well. When will those guilty of the crimes be held responsible?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great site………..nice to meet you friendCywar

  7. Everett B. Goodall says:

    2004 deathbead confession (the printed January 04 Howard E. Hunt Testimoney) created the need sanitizing of the JFK assassination perhaps by St. John Hunt, so was Hunt at the JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL LINDSAY because some of the hitpeople of JFK were there 04 jenner double homicide and they were deciding how to sanitize the hit. The kids were there too, the kids of the kids of the hitmen and hitwomen. So0, St.JOHN HUNT hates his dad and then shows up for 0 minutes of hand holding to get the CASH COW STORY IN Rosebud quotes with his dad’s name on it. And then the sanitizing, i.e., the new hitlist is executed, done, ordered and played out. Jenner 04 double homicide was a meeting of a gun club and their spoiled tots, who just believe they can shoot em up and never be caught. On a death bed, do you know how easy it is for a kid who hates their dad to show up and make a father sign off of ANYTHING AT ALL? AND FOR MONEY THEY GOET THEM TO SIGN OFF MONEY FOR STONE MONEY FOR ST. JOHN, MONEY FOR HAVING THE EXCUSE TO KILL ALL OTHER WITNESSES, MONEY ON JFK KILLING, MONEY ON ZODIAC MURDERS, which the real hitmen and women don’t get. Pray for one or three honest soldiers in this mix and ask why the sons and the daughters of even the Kennedy Clan don’t protect the real witnesses on the murder of JFK. Michael Claire Welch and Mary Melissa Welch trained to shoot with the actual shooter of JFK but they were not good enough. In 2004, the two brats joined with their Charlie Manson killer extra print on the scene of murder of Sharon tate and they murdered their mom, beginning in 2004. A “cutlass” like car tried to kill the other sister first, but she called dispatch and it was realized by the Sonoma County Sheriff that the cutlass type car was at the murder of the Christians at the beach of 2004 Jenner double homicide. Do the simple match and ask why Stone doesn’t even protect witnesses (did he do Mary Melissa like Thomas Weisel did, is she their hitwoman). Stone would be wise to get out of the buy and sell or lose credibility. St. John Hunts gets his dad to sign off on a story (oh, the figurative ten minute handholding the kids do (forcing the sick to sign) after leaving the caretaking to someone who cares) and then the figurative ten minute man or woman has the crew meet at Jenner 04 after a radio call (which is listed on the writing of the Jenner 04 double homicide) and the radio code is “dealy square” radio code, sorry kids, the playing is OVER. Too bad the maiden name of the mother of Michael Welch is “St. John”. Looks like Howard E. Hunt found a way to keep his own son from Sanitizing the FINAL TRUTH ON DEALY SQUARE AND JENNER 04 DOUBLE HOMICIDE OF CUTSHALL AND ALLEN INVESTIGATE AND ARREST THE EXTRA KILLERS OF TATE.

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