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This is bullshit. I can’t believe this. Sharon Osbourne must be out of her fucking twisted mind. What a bunch of crap – I will never go to another Ozzfest after this shit.

It seems that Iron Maiden was pelted with eggs, ice, bottlecaps, cups and other trash during their set. That’s so fucking disrespectful I can’t even speak. Iron Maiden are metal gods, no doubt – but more to the point, they are human beings, and deserve a lot more respect than that. Sharon was simply jealous because they go out and kick ass every night, unlike Ozzy. Let the old meal-ticket retire already.

Next time Maiden comes through town, I will see them. Can’t say the same for Ozzy. He’s gotta stand up to his wife for once. This time she has clearly gone too far.


Sorry, I haven’t posted much lately. I’m just recuperating from the busy-ness that was the art show. Speaking of that, it was a success on both days. It wasn’t terribly packed, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves and quite a few people showed up. I’ve been laying low since then. I was scrambling to get everything done in time. We passed out copies of our EP, Crunked up Intellectuals and played live. It was nice, but there’s something to be said for loud amplifiers. Maybe someday soon we’ll blow some eardrums. But this time we only tickled them gently.

In other news, I’m considering redesigning this blog and letting work its stuff. I’ve been doing it solo so far, but organizes, automates much of it for you and let’s you use your own hosting. For free. So, that seems like the way to go. Because of on-going Dreamweaver (and IE) issues, I don’t update this blog as often as I should. Part of it is the design, so I’ll have to make some changes.