Dec. 20th, 2002

Hey hey kids! Krusty the Tim here! I just finished up my second-to-last final. This very webpage is the last one. I’m currently adding that cool blue navbar that you see above this text. It should take you where ever you want to go….in style.

I actually got 100% in my last class, Network Infrastructures; as in, I didn’t miss a single point all quarter (the prof graded the tests in class). Actually, I missed a few, but I made up for them with a few extra credit points. That class was cool, and I learned a lot. I also handed in my Pollock painting (still sore). I think I got an A in art history, too. I dunno how I did it – it was a 7 o’clock class!!! It was forged in the fiery pits of Mordor. Speaking of that, I saw LOTR: Two Towers two nights ago. It was quite good. A solid sequel (although it’s really more of a continuation), and quite fun to watch. They changed quite a few things from the book – I was surprised to find that they saved Shelob’s lair for the third movie. It’s just as well, but it would’ve made for a great cliffhanger. Now I can’t wait for that 3rd movie!


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