Jan. 14th, 2003

What’s up, y’all. I’m back at it after a nice long winter break. Of course, my work is never done; I’m in school right now working on improving my mad HTML coding skillz. Since I have none, this shouldn’t be too tricky. Yeah, the web looks different when viewed in raw code, but it’s somewhat like the Matrix, I guess.

Anyway, X-mas break was rather exciting, but nothing too amazing. I got too drunk on New Years Eve and I spent all of New Years Day in bed or puking. That sucked. I think I might’ve had a stomach flu because it was like no hangover I’ve ever experienced.

In other news, it was great that Matt and Niki came back for a brief spat of Christmas-time fun. We got some partying and some jamming in. I can’t wait to mix it, but I’m waiting for ProTools 6 for OS X. I can’t stand to boot into OS 9 anymore. I’m still working on the cover for our older jam sessions, too. I’m getting some good Photoshop practice, I think. I need more images, tho. I’ve got much of the interior done. Now, all that remains is the front cover. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike. I know it will have something to do with the Fibonacci series…


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