Judgment Day

It’s Judgment Day. No, not that one; get back here. All the prayers in the world won’t stop this one. I have to present my final portfolio tomorrow. When I say “tomorrow” I mean: in about 12 hours. There’s very little time left, and I’m tired as shit. I don’t have the fire that I’ll need to complete this project, which is why I’m writing in this ‘blog. Wish me luck, although you won’t read this until it’s all over and done with since this page isn’t online yet. It will be once I get done with Priority Numero Uno.

I just wanted to mention that I hate Flash. I’m tired, drained, distracted and feeling hopelessness, not the gung-ho determination I was hoping for. I might have to pull an all-nighter, but then again, maybe it’s not worth it. D’s get Degrees, they say. But I think in this case I need a C. Anyway, I’ve already lost 10% of my final grade because I didn’t manage to apply for 3 field-related jobs with the approval of my career counselor in time. Silly me, I was working my ass off, trying to graduate. Every waking moment for the past two weeks has been spent either working, at school or doing homework. Since I only work 4 hours a day and only go to school for 4 hours twice a week that’s a shitload of homework. I think my friends are suspicious that I’m ditching them or something. They’ve never seen me work this hard before. Shit, I never have worked this hard before.

I guess you could say I slacked the first part of the quarter, but I had other things on my mind, such as the fact that I had no job and my bank account had less than $100 in it. So that was foremost in my mind, and then when I finally got a job a week into the quarter, I focused much of my energy on that since it was pretty demanding at first. Now that I know the ropes it doesn’t take as much energy, but initially, I must say it sapped my strength. This is why I hate working and going to school at the same time. I don’t like having to fluctuate between priorities like that, and work takes up a lot more time than the 4 hours I get paid for. There’s getting ready for work time, there’s commute time (half hour each way) and winding down from work time. I’d say it takes 6 hours out of my day. That really eats into my homework time. I’d almost rather work 8 hours and lose only a fifth of my time to pre & post work stuff. That’s the dirty secret of the 40 hour work week, folks; it takes up about 10 hours a day even if we only get paid for 8.

Still, I got through this crap and I can hardly complain, since it’s nice to have any relatively secure job (as secure as temp job can be) in this economy. Anyway, it looks like I will pass my independent study class, which is Advanced Image Manipulation. It’s weird; there’s no class time, just homework, which is to say projects. This website was one. My prof didn’t seem to like it much, but I didn’t design it for him, I did it for me. I have to look at the damn thing for the next few years, or however long it lasts before I inevitably redesign it. I think he’s right; the rollovers are a bit weak, and I plan to change them, but I’ve decided against Flash buttons because not enough people have Flash installed on their system. And, as I said, I hate Flash. Still, there’s nothing else like it. Oh well, I’ve slacked enough. It’s time to jump back into Flash and finish my freakin’ portfolio, if possible. I just hope I get it done in time. Thank God for DJ Shadow.


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