I for one, am glad that somebody else has finally noticed the disturbing similarity between Laura Bush (Dear Leader’s wife) and The Joker, from the Batman. Now, this is something I noticed 4 or 5 years ago, but you can find a Sutton Impact comic covering the matter here. His take on the MO is the same as mine. I think she’s about three times smarter than her husband and is vaguely aware of his lies, distortions and general malfeasance.

So, who wants to see Laura Bush and Jack Nicholson in the new Batman movie? The studio could save a fortune on make-up. I bet she can really cackle, too.

That’s Laura on the right.
Wouldn’t these two make a great team? Again, I’m pretty sure that’s Laura on the right side. Batman 5: Two Many Jokers! Muahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!


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