Still alive! Unlike liberty!

This weekend, when you’re remembering the sacrifices of the soldiers and heroes who have died defending our country from tyranny, take a moment to contemplate how totally and completely fucked we are now that all the true patriots have gone out and died for freedom while chickenshit cowards have stayed behind to run the nation. Yes, they’re very happy to send you off to war, but will they fight it themselves?

Hell no.

The current regime of lying chickenhawks and their enthusiastic supporters in the blogosphere will take the time to praise the soldiers this weekend, but will they do all they can to bring them back quickly? I suspect that Bush is not done adventuring around the world. Shit, he’s got a whole goddamn army at his disposal. The temptation to land troops on Michael Moore’s lawn must be enormous. But I suspect he will target another foreign foe first. Since outright, unprovoked violence against innocent citizens is still not as acceptable as Bush would like it to be, he’ll have to quietly clamp down on our civil liberties first. To do that he will need either another terrorist attack or another invasion.

So, maybe we should start the betting? Who thinks North Korea? Nah. I’m betting on Iran. It’s got lots of advantages. It’s right next door to Iraq, it’s probably got some oil, and its citizens are mostly Muslim. Bombs away!!

As you can see, I’m not pleased with the current administration’s foreign policy… to say the least. But I try to look on the brightside: There’s still a chance they might get hit by a bus. Actually, it would be better to have them arrested. I think “crimes against humanity” would fly, but the truly impeachable offense is lying to the American public, which everybody knows they have. It’s amazing to me that there isn’t more outrage, but that’s probably because the mainstream media denies people like me a voice (with a few exceptions). Just about every person I talk to abhors Bush and his unlawful regime, there’s just not much they can do about it. For the record, I tend to only talk to smart people if I can help it, so this is not a representative sample. Regardless, I’m still waiting for somebody in Washington to grow some balls and take him on. I think we’ve given him enough time to hang himself with his own rope. He just needs a push.


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