Cheney Might have to Testify in Libby's Trial

Reuters is running a story on the wire that quotes Fitzgerald as saying that Cheney’s feelings on the matter are directly relevant to the case.

Could this be a prelude to a Cheney indictment? A guy can hope.

“At the time, the vice president, rather than other potential witnesses, was upset that his personal credibility had been attacked unfairly in his view,” Fitzgerald said.


In the court filing, Fitzgerald said Libby has acknowledged that the vice president directed him “to get out to the public all the facts” in response to the article.

“Therefore, the state of mind of the vice president as communicated to defendant is directly relevant to the issue of whether defendant knowingly made false statements to federal agents and the grand jury regarding when and how he learnt about Ms. Wilson’s employment and what he said to reporters regarding this issue,” Fitzgerald said in the court filing.

Oh man. He is so guilty. Cheney that is. Of course Libby is guilty; he was just following Cheney’s orders, like any good right-hand-man should do. In this case, though, they overplayed their hand and got caught. Well, maybe they just got sloppy. They fight so dirty with detractors, you have to wonder why Cheney and Co. are filled with so much hate.


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