Blogger Exposed: As a Lawyer!

I just found out about the outing of Armando over at DailyKos. There’s a good discussion over at Pandagon.

Personally, I could give a fuck. I’ve tangled with Armando before and I was shocked to discover that he is the worst kind of internet troll. I thought as a guest blogger he might try to stay above the fray, but no. He jumped in and quickly made an ass of himself in the single discussion I participated in (DKos is good for little more than Bush-bashing. I fucking hate partisans). He resorted to personal attacks right away, belittled and troll-modded people who disagreed with him and generally acted like his shit didn’t stink.

I’m shocked to hear he’s a lawyer. From what I could see he couldn’t argue his way out of a paperbag if you didn’t let him use troll methods. Well, he’s one more chunk of damage to the reputation of lawyers everywhere, I guess.

I suppose it’s too bad he was outed (I didn’t know he was anonymous), but it couldn’t’ve happened to a better guy. He’s a total prick and I don’t believe he’ll actually stop posting over at DKos for long. This is just a pity-party for a self-obsessed partisan hack with more arguments than brains.

The thing that pisses me off is that he represents Walmart and presumably other shitty corporations, while he takes Bush to task for being a corporate stooge. What rank hypocrisy! Bush couldn’t’ve done better himself.


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