More on Kennedy's Allegations of Voter Fraud

Over at Brad’s Blog (get this: it’s a blog by a guy named Brad!) David Edwards (okay, now I’m confused) writes about Robert Kennedy Jr.’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson disaster some people call a show.

Tucker Carlson continued an assault on Kennedy and his article throughout the short interview. Kennedy fights for time to respond and does a good job indicting the media (and Tucker) for ignoring a very obvious problem. Tucker responds by saying that if the stolen election were real then it would have been a news story — as if truth and reality only exists if the media reports on it.

In the end, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., managed to remain poised and believable. This interview alone may have done little to prove to MSNBC’s viewers that there is significant evidence of a stolen election — but the piece did prove one thing to us: Tucker Carlson is a complete ass.

But we already knew that.

I would love to see Tucker Carlson get humiliated again like when Jon Stewart destroyed him on Crossfire, but this is serious business. It’s too bad that they didn’t have a more substantive discussion, although I doubt Kennedy expected a fair hearing. Still, at least the show aired and people saw it. Hopefully some of them will seek out the Rolling Stone article.


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4 Responses to “More on Kennedy's Allegations of Voter Fraud”

  1. Why do you “doubt Kennedy deserved a fair hearing?” Isn’t that a little presumptious, considering that the guy is extremely well-read, experienced in the courtroom, and perfectly qualified to lay out a case for why this President should never have been reelected? Seems to me that you’re just afraid he might be right, and then you’d have to accept that Democrats might actually start winning big in some serious races, which could threaten a) your job working for a Republican Congressman, b) your personal freedom, which would be in jeopardy if the FBI found out you were one of these Republican vote-thieves’ internet hatchet men, or c) your fragile ego, which has been riding high ever since this bloodthirsty maniac took office and started instituting his mad grab for money and power. I have this to say to anyone who is afraid to admit the essential truth in the Kennedy article: GET OVER IT.Your President is going down, and he’s taking the whole gang of criminals with him. The only way these goons are gonna escape this mess is if they can somehow stage another 9/11. That could probably go a long way towards instituting their nationwide martial law program.

  2. Vemrion says:

    Hi TA.Uh, you might want to read a little closer next time. I said, “I doubt Kennedy <>expected<> a fair hearing.” Big difference.As for the rest of your comment, I’m not a republican, so none of that applies to me. I think the person who’s going to be very disappointed in his party is YOU. (i’m not a democrat either; note my earlier post on partisanship rotting your brain) It seems pretty clear to me that the Democrats are complicit in this as well. Why else would they refuse to raise a stink? They attack people like Feingold who dare to speak up, and ostracize people like Conyers who try to hold hearings into this stolen election, and 2000. Now, please know that I’m not accusing you of being one of those Vichy Democrats, but there are plenty who fit that description just fine. I understand that there’s a war in the democratic party between the DailyKos set (Kossacks and other bloggers) and the establishment assholes who are closet Bush-lovers. If you’re in the first group, I hope you win. But I doubt you will. The establishment folks can simply rewrite the rules to keep people like you and me from getting control of the party. This is why political parties suck. Our founding fathers warned against them…and then joined them when they saw there was no other choice when the other side has one. Now the other side has both! We are so fucked.

  3. My bad, EMP, I was hopping around to different blogs and looking for a fight on this – I must’ve had read too fast and expected the Daily Kos treatment. Glad to see you understand the issue – keep up the good work!P.S. The Vichy Democrats are driving me nuts too.

  4. Vemrion says:

    No worries, TA. Check out the Bush as Vampire pic I’ve got up now. Seen it before, but it’s great.

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