Scientology Sucks, part 2

Remember my post about Scientology about 4 posts ago? Well, the website I linked to has been taken down by Scientology’s lawyers. All that remains is a copy of the notice they were served with. Fucking pricks.

Luckily, somebody has mirrrored the original post here. Censorship fails again. Also, here’s the Digg article about the take down.

I’d like to send a big “fuck you” to the Scientologist leadership. You’re just making things worse for yourselves. To prove that, I would like to direct you to yet another site critical of Scientology: YTMND’s The Unfunny Truth. Oh, and don’t forget

All hail Xenu!… or we’ll sue you!!


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2 Responses to “Scientology Sucks, part 2”

  1. petron says:

    Those scatology…uh…I mean….Scientology folks are afraid the world will discover L. Hubbard was just a crook and a womanizer that made up his silly religion to impress chicks. (Hey don’t get me wrong, when I was single I like to impress chicks too but a guys gotta have priorites, right?)I’m still waiting for the media stories about TomKat getting caught performing sex magick rites in the desert. Then Scientology might get the reconition it deserves.

  2. Vemrion says:

    Not just to impress chicks though – also to make a shitload of cashmoney! Scientology is the most successful religion since capitalism! 😉I’ve heard that it costs $360,000 to buy all the crap necessary to learn all the “sacred truths” of Scientology. What a bunch of horseshit. It’s a huge scam, and I think Tom Cruise should be ashamed of helping to promote it.

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