Will bloggers change the world?

Good discussion over at PressThink.

I’m not usually one to blow smoke up bloggers’ collective ass, but Jay makes some good points. The future is an open vista technologically (you can guess what I think the future holds politically. Alas, Babylon comes to mind) and I just posted about how necessary it is to have a blog the other day. So why am I hesitant? ‘Cause I’d rather that Big Media didn’t know what’s coming. So why am I posting about this at all? Hmm…. good point. Because I can? Because I’m pretty positive no one from the NSA or the New York Times reads this blog? Pick your excuse.

Anyway, blogs aren’t even the most important thing. It’s the links between people that make us strong. If you are ever in trouble or you need to post something that the MSM won’t touch with a 30 foot pole, send it to me. I’m editorially irresponsible. I’ll publish any muthafuckin’ thing (and cuss about it, around it, during it, and after it). If there’s a story out there that needs more exposure, send it to me and a hundred other bloggers. Some of us will publish it and somebody will (hopefully) read about it. We just gotta look out for each other, the same way the rich, elitist upperclass looks after their own.

But let’s remember that we don’t have Big Media on the ropes. Far from it. So let’s not get too cocky, folks. Blogs are cool and they can change the world…but will they? Maybe when Grandma reads blogs instead of watching NBC. Until that day, we’re small potatoes.


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