Update on Mexico recount

It looks like the leftist challenger has taken the lead in the recount. That’s quite a surprise. They should’ve sent Karl Rove to rig those voting machines himself. If you want something done right…

Oh, what a difference a day — and a recount — makes. Mexican and international press is reporting that the official recount has put PRD candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the lead over opponent Felipe Calderón, who had just a day ago seemed to be the victor in this race, full of all the twists and turns of a telenovela.

Whoever wins, let’s hope this is a fair election. That’s the main concern. I couldn’t help but notice this little comment, though:

President Vicente Fox put the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, out of power in 2000 in elections that ended 71 years of single-party rule.

The PRI would often rig elections to make sure its candidate, handpicked by the president, was chosen.

The recent drama surprised many Mexicans.

“We’ve never seen this before. The president used to always announce it on the first day,” said Joel Montoya, a gas station attendant.

The Mexicans are so used to corruption at every level that this drama is starting to look like… well… real democracy to them! How bitterly ironic (for Americans) that this is playing out this way. Mexico is rising up in the democracy standings just as America is steadily tumbling down the standings with our successfully rigged elections and rampant corruption and creeping fascism and god-knows-what-else.

If we weren’t so stubborn and arrogant we could ask them for help.

Thanks, neocons. You’ve made America look like a despotic dictatorship compared to fucking Mexico! Oh, I’m so fucking proud.

On the other hand, good for Mexico!


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