At least that’s the gist I took away from this story in the Miami Herald:

Also on Sunday, a statement released in Castro’s name strongly hinted that his condition remained serious and his prognosis could be grim.

The statement urged Cubans to ”be optimistic,” but it also make clear that any recovery would take quite some time and Cubans should prepare themselves “to confront any adverse news.”

Among older generations of Cubans, the term ”adverse news” often is used as short-hand for “a death in the family.”

So, basically they’re saying: he could kick off at any time.

I don’t know how to take that news. He might have less than a week in him. What does that mean for Cuba? What does that mean for the United States? A lot is yet to be seen. Castro ruled Cuba absolutely and for over 45 years.

He was brutal, and a dictator, but I can understand his reasons. The U.S. was acting as an imperial power, setting up puppet governments like that of Batista, and generally raping the land and the people. Castro stood up to the U.S., and for that he is a hero to his people and many others, like Hugo Chavez. But like Chavez, Castro is too autocratic. Bost leaders strangle democracy as they spread their power — and that cannot be forgiven too easily.

It remains to be seen what happens to the Cuban people, but I wish for them the best of both worlds: a government strong enough to repel of U.S. imperialism and tolerant enough to allow democratic freedoms such as fair elections and free speech.

I’m sure the Cubans would appreciate it if the peaceful folk here in the U.S. took back our government from the imperialist, neo-fascist, liars and mass-murderers who currently run the place.


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