Turkey Uprising Fails! …And band news.

A belated “Happy Thanksgiving” to you all. Sorry if I’ve been, I dunno… – distant, lately. I had a great time with family and friends and I hope the same is true with you. As for my whereabouts, let me assure you they were… where I was… about.

We (meaning “the band”) have starting recording a new (okay, the) album. We worked on it every spare moment during Thanksgiving vacation, and we got a few songs pretty much in the can. But there are many that need a lot of work yet. A few of the songs are perhaps more… fluid than I would like. We hope to nail them down soon.

As for the band name, I’m open to suggestions. We’ve been trying to think of one for months to no avail. Help us, or we’re stuck with Geeech!


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