In an interview in GQ Magazine, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel reveals that the Bush administration tried to get Congress to approve military action anywhere in the Middle East — not just in Iraq — in the fall of 2002 during the run-up the War in Iraq.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

GQ: It’s incredible that you had to ask for that.
Hagel: It is incredible. That’s what I said to Andy Card. Said it to Powell, said it to Rice. Might have even said it to the president. And finally, begrudgingly, they sent over a resolution for Congress to approve. Well, it was astounding. It said they could go anywhere in the region.

GQ: It wasn’t specific to Iraq?
Hagel: Oh no. It said the whole region! They could go into Greece or anywhere. I mean, is Central Asia in the region? I suppose! Sure as hell it was clear they meant the whole Middle East. It was anything they wanted. It was literally anything. No boundaries. No restrictions.

GQ: They expected Congress to let them start a war anywhere they wanted in the Middle East?
Hagel: Yes. Yes. Wide open. We had to rewrite it. Joe Biden, Dick Lugar, and I stripped the language that the White House had set up, and put our language in it.

This is really chilling stuff. Right here, in front of our faces, we have evidence (from a Republican no less) that the Bush regime was planning a war of global aggression back in 2002. What more is there to say? The neocons have been planning a series of invasions for years (probably long before 2002) which would allow them to reshape and control the whole Middle East, from Iran and Syria to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Iraq is only the first step; that’s why the neocons are so determined to stamp out opposition to the war.

Do you still think the talk of going into Iran is just talk? I’m betting battle plans have been drawn up and they are entering the final phase of preparations. The key is to trick us into war. Keep your eyes open for a false flag attack.


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3 Responses to “War of Global Aggression: White House Wanted 2002 Iraq War Resolution to Include Entire Middle East”

  1. ericswan says:

    Ho does Chuckie figure into all of the rest of the disinfo we deal with in each and everything we hear from the mass media? He did own the company that counted electronic votes in both of the Bush “wins”. I think Bush is only a problem because he hasn’t puushed the big red button he keeps under his pillow. If he had done so, there would be no debate.

  2. Vemrion says:

    You raise a good point, eric. We can’t fully trust Mr. Hagel as he is an accomplice to many of the Bush regime’s crimes, from stealing elections to the PATRIOT act. I bet if we went back and look at all his votes we could find a hundred reasons to condemn him. In the linked interview alone I found 2 issues I <>strongly<> disagree with him on: The bullshit war on drugs and the anti-freedom flag burning amendment. He’s a fucker, so the only thing he’s good for in my book is ratting out his cronies.

  3. Vemrion says:

    stoopid spammers!

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