Apologize to Al Sharpton for your sins!!

Are you white? Are you somewhat sympathetic to Don Imus and his situation? Have you ever said an offensive word? Well, it’s time to apologize to Al Sharpton.*

Now that Imus has been fired this little witch-hunt is apparently over. Is anybody else scratching their head, wondering what this little kerfuffle was all about? Obviously, Imus is a moron and used some shitty language, but I have trouble believing the Rutgers basketball team is really crying themselves to sleep at night. Who the fuck cares what he thinks/says?

Despite the thin-skinned temperance of the basketball players, I can at least understand why they are upset and demanding an apology (and groveling, 30 lashes, some ass-kissing and a book deal), but what I’m confused about is why Imus needs to apologize to Al Sharpton? … I thought Jesse Jackson was the emperor of black people.

Man, South Park totally called this one. Yes, Imus is a fucking moron (as is Micheal Richards), but this whole scenario seems like a media-generated distraction. I mean, Alberto Gonzales lied to Congress and he still has a job. George Bush lied to Congress, America and the world to lead us into war and he still has a job. WTF?

I think our priorities are pretty fucked up in this country. Whatever happened to “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”? Apparently, the Rutgers basketball team does not subscribe to this philosophy. Meanwhile, Bush’s words led directly to broken bones, shattered skulls, crushed vertebrae, lacerated flesh and all the other attendant injuries related to dying in a fraudulent war over oil. But is the media whipping up a shitstorm over that? Incredibly, no. They are not as fawning as before, but they still treat him with unaccountable respect. He deserves to hang like Saddam, but the MSM is still treating his polices and speeches deferentially. The media could easily launch into a witch-hunt to bring down this administration. It has just demonstrated it has the power, in the case of Imus, despite Imus having the support of 63% of Americans. Bush, meanwhile, has the support of only 30%. That’s quite a disparity. Can somebody explain to me how this could happen? Certainly Bush didn’t call anybody a “nappy-headed ho” but he did lie to us repeatedly in order to lead us into war, a war that has left hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, along with 3,000+ American soldiers. Near as I can tell Imus has not killed anybody. What gives?

Does it make me a cynic if I believe this witch-hunt was manufactured by the media to provide a well-timed distraction at a point in time when the Bush regime is increasingly on the run? Or does it make me a realist?

*Apology not necessary if you are black and/or a rapper. If you are a rapper, you can call any woman a “ho” and it’s okay. Snoop said so.**

** I can’t believe I agree with Michelle Malkin on something. I feel so dirty. I’d better go apologize to Al Sharpton.


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5 Responses to “Apologize to Al Sharpton for your sins!!”

  1. Zachwrites says:

    You started off strong, then as, all you misguided libs do, you turned this into an uneducated, unintleigable rant against Bush (you even tossed in Gonzalez for good measure). And since you brough it up…you know so little about what is going on, which you make painfully obvious, or worse, what HAS gone on. Just a few years ago Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, dismissed ALL of the AGs and no one, especially you whiny, suck-a-titty libs, had anything to say despite the fact that one of them (ARK), WAS investigating “The King of Sleeze,” Only to find himself replaced by a former law student of the “Master Cigar Maker.” When are you fa-ree-ks gonna climb out of the mire that you spew and see what is really going on? Or would it be too painfull? No, It is OK. I understand. Stay there in the basement of your mother’s house and keep pounding out diatribes that you do not even understand, at least this way I do not have to worry about you being out there and teaching someone’s kids.

  2. Vemrion says:

    Wow, zachwrites, thanks for coming here to show what a useless whiner you are. First of all, just because I hate Bush that doesn’t make me a liberal. Almost everybody with a functioning brain hates Bush. Unfortunately, some people are either too stupid or too fascist to figure it out: The guy is a goddamn wanna-be dictator. He needs to be impeached post-haste so his servile supporters can see what heinous crimes his regime has committed. Too bad you didn’t want to discuss the issues, you just wanted to hurl insults. Well, I can fling’em right back, fuckwit. I suspect you are too stupid and weak to make a good case for your opinions so you just going around making assumptions (I hate Clinton — both Clintons, moron) and trying feebly to insult me, while your own nakedly unthinking partisanship reveals you to be nothing more than a zombie and an asshole. Keep it up, fuckwit.

  3. fallout11 says:

    These fuckwads exist only to pull your chain, Vemrion. He won’t even be back.Great posts, love your blog. Keep up the great work.

  4. Celia says:

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  5. Zachwrites says:

    I’d be more than happy to discuss the issues with you. If I can keep you busy, maybe you will not be a further danger to yourself or others.Ball is in your court, now go ask mommy if you can come out and play.

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