You live in the monkeysphere, human!

You are human, yet you live in a monkeysphere. How odd.

..What?! You don’t know what the Monkeysphere is? Here’s your chance.

You can impress people and look smart at parties by having a solid grasp on the concept of a monkeysphere and the ability to explain it succinctly. Then you can screech and fling poo at them.

If you’re nice, maybe I’ll let you into my monkeysphere.


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3 Responses to “You live in the monkeysphere, human!”

  1. fallout11 says:

    Another great post, Vemrion. I loved the linked article. Keep up the good work!

  2. Vemrion says:

    thanks fallout11. thx for stoppin’ by!

  3. LMMS says:

    Filth flinging? Can it get any better? Probably not…Thanks for always keeping me amused! Oh yeah – count me in on the impeachment!!

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