The Office of Vice President Dick Cheney told an agency within the National Archives that for purposes of securing classified information, the Vice President’s office is not an ‘entity within the executive branch’ according to a letter released Thursday by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. [/digg]

See? This is why Dick needs hookers (and hooker disposal services) — being the master of a super-governmental agency, floating above the executive, legislative and judicial branches is tough work.

Hookers. Dick needs hookers.


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One Response to “Cheney tells agency that VP's office is not part of the executive branch”

  1. fallout11 says:

    So, according to Cheney, we now have 5 branches of government. 1) Legislative2) Judicial3) Executive4) President (Dictator?)5) Co-Dictator….er, I mean, Vice President.Apparently, they didn’t even read the Constitution before they shredded it and used it for toilet paper.

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