Seriously. Watch the clip. Is this a SNL sketch or something? Maybe it’s because I don’t watch TV, but this is like bizarro world to me. I honestly believe the anchors were encouraged/instructed to say complimentary things about Paris. And there’s no other reason besides “distracting the public” that I can think of that would explain why the producer of a supposedly serious news program would want to lead with Paris Hilton.

And did Joe Scarborough actually say Paris Hilton was thinking (in the clip they showed) “How do I further the Kingdom of God”?

What the fuck is going on in this country?!! Dick Cheney says he’s above the law, outside of the executive branch and all the media wants to talk about is Paris fucking Hilton?!!!!

…and people call me paranoid.


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3 Responses to “MSNBC Anchor Mika Brzezinski refuses to do Paris Hilton story on the air”

  1. fallout11 says:

    Today, as in the declining days of the Roman Empire, it is extremely important for The Powers That Be (TPTB) to keep the masses sombulant and distracted. Hence we have Paris Hilton, American Idol, and similar corporate-provided “entertainment”.

  2. That was a great clip, good for that infobabe! Here’s today’s ray of hope!

  3. carrie says:

    it’s very telling, tho.

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