Cheney kills again: DC Madam found "suicided"

Deborah Palfrey, the DC Madam, appears to have met an untimely end.

While it’s possible she was distraught over her recent conviction, she recently declared on the Alex Jones Show that she would “never” commit suicide.

One way or another, she appears to be dead.

Tarpon Springs detectives said a body was found in a small storage shed on the west side of the mobile home. Handwritten notes were found that describe the victim’s intention to take her life, and foul play does not appear to be involved.

Palfrey, 52, reportedly was staying with her mother Blanche at the Sun Valley Mobile Home Park, 167 Cypress Ave.

Hmm… a lady who had threatened to reveal the names of many high-powered clients turns up dead and everybody in the press and police force yells “suicide.” Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t buy it. Many, many people wanted her dead and her list of names buried forever.

Vice President Cheney was rumored to be on that list.

I’m afraid it makes this post look a little less like a joke.


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One Response to “Cheney kills again: DC Madam found "suicided"”

  1. Merge Divide says:

    I don’t know what Cheney’s motivation for killing this person could possibly be. His public profile couldn’t possibly suffer any more than it has from him being the dark lord of the American empire. Such an allegation would establish some core of humanity in Cheney, rather than malign him. I think you have to wonder what other GOP bigwigs are on that list… maybe a certain Senator from Arizona, perhaps?? He’s known to be quite lascivious (and vengeful). I definitely don’t put it past him to “kill” a story he doesn’t like.

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